Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Canal Boat Tiles

Hello all, sorry I haven't posted for a while, been super busy. Well I have found a style at the moment, and am sticking to it. I have been out buying old things to paint up and sell on, hopefully, I am considering looking up a craft fair in Bristol and trying my luck there. So if anyone sees any enamel, ceramics or pretty much anything metal really in a charity shop, that they want to send me to paint, feel free.

It's a bit scary actually because while I'm sure potentially the things I am creating at the moment could be sold at a profit, all the time I am spending and not selling, I am just essentially draining my student loan, for example I just spent £15 on tiles. ahhh! But it's all good, I'm enjoying doing it. So here's what I've done to them.

If anyone is interested in buying, either come along to a Bristol craft fair, or equally email me, (, they cost £4.80 per tile, and I have 30 of them available, roll on you buyers. 

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